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Intellectual Property & IT

As a specialist in intellectual property law, we provide assistance regarding the legal aspects of our clients' digital transformation.


Intangible assets and goodwill determine the value of your business. Intellectual property is crucial for (the preservation of) your competitive position. Racine’s IP division can help you develop a coherent strategy for your intellectual property rights so that you can derive maximum benefit from them.

Because of our experience in different sectors, we understand your needs. Your brand and identity are important for attracting customers. A patent protects your ideas and gives you that important lead on the market. Copyright, as well as confidentiality agreements, can strengthen the protection of your business secrets.

We also advise you on how to get the most out of these rights by transferring or licensing intellectual property rights.

In addition to providing optimal protection, the IP division also assists you in the event of conflicts/proceedings (e.g. seizures relating to counterfeiting, strike procedures) and always strives to reach out-of-court and amicable agreements.


Digital innovation and new technologies have a major impact on industries. Racine’s IP/IT team understands that technical progress also has an impact on the legal aspect. We assist our clients in correctly translating these technical changes into law.

Thanks to a multi-disciplinary approach and a passion for new technologies and digital innovations, we are able to boast a solid knowledge of the sector and its legal needs. Towards this end, we provide optimum support to our clients in meeting the digital and technological challenges.

Racine is a member of several professional associations, and new developments are closely followed.

Media and entertainment

The IE/IT division also has extensive experience in the world of media and entertainment, and advises (online) media & advertising companies, production and post-production houses, publishers, event planners, game developers, (fashion) designers, photographers, writers and musicians.


Our GDPR specialists help your company to work GDPR-compliant. Towards this end, we try not only to implement the obligations of the GDPR in your company structure but also to turn these additional efforts into a competitive advantage in the market.


  • Member of the BVA (Belgian Copyright Association)
  • Member of BMM (Benelux Association for Trademarks and Designs)

Recent cases:

  • Advice on the development of IP protection for different distribution networks (both online and offline)
  • Assistance in the case of a dispute between a well-known Benelux furniture brand concerning infringements of copyright, trademark rights, parasitic competition and slavish imitation (unfair market practices).
  • Advice on the legal framework for various television & advertising production companies
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  • Art and appropriation art
  • Cloud and outsourcing
  • Copyright
  • Database
  • Data protection
  • Digital & Telecom
  • Domain names
  • Drawings and models
  • Fashion & Luxury
  • Health, Life & Science
  • Know-how and confidentiality contracts
  • Media and television
  • Net neutrality
  • Open source and creative commons
  • Patents (registrations and procedures)
  • Privacy and cookie policies
  • Publishing contracts
  • Research & development (R&D)
  • Right to image and personality rights
  • Right of pledge on intellectual property
  • Sampling and parodies
  • Sponsoring & merchandising
  • Technology and mobile apps
  • Trademarks (registrations and procedures)
  • Transfer or licensing of IP/technologies
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